Internet Business Consultants
Lakeville, MA
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D&D Webworks has been successfully helping businesses since 1994.

Ask our clients - Satisfied customers are the best reference!
With our comprehensive technical skills, marketing and teaching training in hand, we are able to offer a variety of solutions for our clients various needs. We continue educational workshops for best business practices and advanced programming techniques,keeping up to date on standards and marketing strategies.
Customized. Every site is built from scratch, to meet your specific goals. Individual attention is given to each client.
From an early entrance on the Internet world when the first free browser allowed the public access to online content, D&D has continued to offer custom services to assist small businesses with their technology challenges.
Focused on creating websites, it soon became apparent that clients needed to learn how the Internet worked and what they should do to make good use of its for promotion.
1990s - First generation of Internet connectivity through phone lines
Due to this fact, teaching clients and helping them setup their computers, networks, and ongoing changes became a vital difference in the services we offer.
The internet is our ever-expanding playground.
  Thinking outside the box for creative solutions is our forte.
No two clients have exactly the same needs or goals, therefore no cookie-cutter solutions will work.
Independent Consultants
not committed to any particular vendor.
When we don't have the answer, we find resources to help you. Independence allows us to suggest a variety of choices for you to consider.
You can believe in a company with long term experience and success.