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Internet Business Consultants
Lakeville, MA
No One to Ask?
Especially if you don't know what is broken, finding the way to turn is difficult. Deciphering what your problems may be and how to fix them is not easy or intuitive.
protection from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction
Whether you’re dealing with a decade-old computer, new tablet or cell phone, troubleshooting  problems is a part of your daily business activities.
You may not understand what the actual problem is and waste precious time trying to fix it.
Pop-up ads are appearing on my desktop
Access provider  and Wi-Fi  Questions?

Mail, Mail, Can't get the ones you want?
Spam, Attachments and other Issues

Lack of time and resources for IT tasks can cause big headaches for overworked small businesses.
Small problem fixes can result in Huge time saving and business can flow

Solutions to Several Problems common to many businesses.
Technology should be your friend, not your enemy.

Want to update your site without learning extensive programming? Maybe you only need some areas editable and don't want the content management systems available.
D&D has several websites with specific sections for the owner to easily change. From ecommerce products, image galleries to simple date, event and calendar changes.
Remote Computer Monitoring
Credit card processing - which is the best solution for you? The answer should not be from the saleperson who sells it to you.
We are Independent consultants - not committed to any particular vendor allowing us to suggest a variety of choices for you to consider.
Success is all about the Customer - as every good business knows!
Flexibility is key to survival. Discover how versatile we can help you be.
Design your own website? Or simply be able to update it?
Discovering the limitations of a web-generating program and the lack of available resources for it?
What computer is best for us now?
Can't keep up with all the updates and changes? Want to talk with someone who doesn't speak TECHTALK